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ISP Location
Overall ReputationAuthority Data:
Indicates the overall ReputationAuthority reputation score, including the name and location of the ISP (Internet Service Provider), for the specified address. A score of 0-50 indicates a good to neutral reputation. 51-100 indicates that threats have been detected recently from this address and the reputation has been degraded.
Reputation Score: 98/100
Reverse DNS:
ISP Location: Roubaix, Hauts-de-france, France
ISP: Ovh Sas
ReputationAuthority Data [Email]:
Indicates the percentage of specific types of messages sent from this address, such as clean mail, spam, viruses, malformed, and suspicious messages that maybe spam. The percentage of good and bad (valid and non-existent) recipient addresses is also displayed.
Clean: 0.5%
Viruses: 0%
Spam: 99%
Malformed Messages: 0%
Suspicious: 0.5%
Good Recipients: 100%
Bad Recipients: 0%
DNS Block Lists:
Indicates if this address is listed on one or more DNS Block Lists. DNS Block Lists maintain lists of IP addresses that have been observed sending large amounts of spam or act as an open mail relay.
Additional Information »
• The ip has sent a high ratio of spam (99 percent).
• No web or FTP traffic information has been observed for


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